University of Helsinki

Tree rings hide secrets about the most significant solar storm in history

Tracing the largest solar storm in modern times from tree rings in Lapland.

Massive neutron stars hiding cores of deconfined quark matter

The result was reached through massive supercomputer runs utilizing Bayesian statistical inference.

COVID-19 changes gene activity in olfactory mucosal cells in Alzheimer’s

Distinct immune responses after infection between AD patients and healthy individuals.

Maternal microbiota impact fetal development

Maternal microbiota's effect on fetal intestine, brain, and placenta.

Hydrogen bonding plays an important role in mitochondrial disease mutation

Dysfunctions in the energy generation process in mitochondria may lead to a number of diseases.

A new means of neur­onal communication dis­covered in the hu­man brain

A new functional coupling mechanism between neurons.

World record in detecting extremely low levels of gas impurities

It improves the signal-to-noise ratio of absorption spectroscopy by roughly a factor of five.

A new type of matter discovered inside neutron stars

Normal matter consists of atoms that have protons, neutrons, and electrons. In the case of neutron stars, the atomic matter is known to crumble...

How planes can significantly boost rainfall in their path

A new study by the American Geophysical Union, the airplanes, in addition to creating pollution, also mess with clouds as they pass through or...

A new method for turning skin cells into pluripotent stem cells

Our bodies comprise of various sorts of cells, each with their own particular part. The Japanese researcher Shinya Yamanaka had made before the revelation,...

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