University of California Davis

Larger human brains offer a protective effect against dementia

Intracranial and cerebral volume trends in Framingham Heart Study.

Ketogenic diet shields early memory decline

Keto diet and BHB reverse memory loss in Alzheimer's mice.

A protein that contributes to metastasis in pancreatic cancer found

Discovery could advance life-saving therapies.

How do tomato plants protect themselves from drought?

Combining new and classical methods.

Scientists studied tumors in green sea turtles

Environmental factors linked to tumor formation following herpesvirus infection.

Satellite data show disparate nitrogen dioxide trends across California

Wildfires and soil emissions increase air pollution in remote forests.

Adding bananas to your smoothies? You need to stop

Blending certain ingredients in smoothies can influence whether your body is getting a nutritional boost.

Skin disease in endangered killer whales

Southern resident killer whales show decreased disease resistance.

A study has revealed a possible breakthrough in grapevine disease resistance

UC researchers open the way for climate-adaptive agriculture.

Scientists develop non-invasive way to sex chicken eggs

Volatile chemicals reveal the sex of chicken embryos.

Lab-grown meat has a higher carbon footprint than retail beef

Scaling up production using existing processes is energy-intensive.

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