University of California Berkeley

University of California Berkeley

Researchers watch catalyst during electrochemical reaction for the first time

Findings could enable advances in sustainable energy production, industry, and design.

Astronomers discover 1031 Uncatalogued Asteroids

The team used the help of "citizen scientists" worldwide, who contributed to identifying this asteroid bounty. Professional scientists then combined the volunteers’ efforts with...

An analysis reveals the origin of the Indian people

50,000 years of evolutionary history of India.

3D simulations of X-ray bursts on the surfaces of neutron stars

Exploring exotic stellar phenomena.

Stressed-out brain cells are the cause of neurodegenerative disease

Constant stress triggered by clumping proteins is killing brain cells.

Limescale-repellent coating to improve thermal power plant efficiency

A hydrogel-based coating that effectively prevents the adhesion of limescale.

Pacific kelp forests have a much older origin than previously believed

The unique underwater kelp forests support a varied ecosystem.

How hummingbirds can fly through dense, narrow spaces?

Hummingbirds have evolved their own unique strategies.

Astronomers observed a large dark spot in Neptune’s atmosphere

Using ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT), astronomers have observed a large dark spot in Neptune’s atmosphere, with an unexpectedly smaller bright spot adjacent to...

Measuring the effectiveness of the land’s carbon sink

Evidence & attribution for land carbon sink enhancement.

The Biden program might keep the racial difference in air quality

Effects on disparities should be measured through air quality policies.

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