After-meal snack cravings? It’s the work of food-seeking neurons, not hunger

Feeding control via midbrain-subthalamic pathway.

HIV prevention medication doubles with digital health interventions

HIV prevention among young people at risk for HIV acquisition.

The keto diet helps prevent seizures; scientists are figuring out how

Keto diet alters gut microbiome, boosts seizure resistance in mice.

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria offer lessons in behavior modifications

Learning from biology for strategic resistance management modification.

Anti-immigrant sentiment and immigrant mental distress

Serious psychological distress doubles for new U.S. immigrants.

Keto diet shields against seizures, scientists exploring mechanism

Pediatric epilepsy: Keto diet changes gut microbiome, imparts mouse seizure resistance.

UCLA investigates maternal diabetes’s impact on fetal development

Atlas explores fetal metabolism in mid-to-late gestation and diabetic pregnancy.

UCLA unravels aggressive growth in prostate cancers, eluding treatment

Temporal evolution reveals dual lineages in prostate cancer transformation.

UCLA researcher discovers menopause in wild chimpanzees

Menopause supported by demographics and hormonal data in wild chimpanzees.

Can cannabis medicines ease oral cancer pain?

UCLA dentistry team gets $5 million for non-addictive synthetic cannabinoid.

UCLA team discovers heart regeneration pathway in stem cells

RBFox1 regulates postnatal cardiomyocyte maturation.

Mother mice’s placental health and the gut microbiome’s role

Maternal microbiome enhances placental development in mice.

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