Osaka University

Scientists identified a protein that prevents cellular ageing

A tidy cell seems to keep aging at bay.

New approach overcomes long-standing limitations in optics

A breakthrough in Mie scattering.

How to teach androids to smile through human faces?

Japanese researchers have been studying the mechanical details of real human facial expressions.

New findings on warming-up and muscle performance

Myosin and tropomyosin-troponin's role in muscle heat activation.

Protein safeguards for fertility preservation

Tejas: Key player in nuage assembly and precursor processing for drosophila piRNA biogenesis.

A new study finds the possible cause of inner-ear bone loss

Activin A-producing fibroblasts cause bone destruction in cholesteatomas.

Scientists developed tear duct organoids

Nothing to cry about: the development of tear duct organoids.

New holographic method to simulate black holes with tabletop experiment

The holographic image of a simulated black hole, if observed by this tabletop experiment, may serve as an entrance to the world of quantum gravity.

Anticancer drugs distributed by a new drug delivery system reduces tumor size

Scientists at the Osaka University in collaboration with Tokyo Tech have developed a new type of drug delivery system that uses a poly (ethylene glycol)–poly(lysine) block...

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