Osaka Metropolitan University

Osaka Metropolitan University

Researchers develop new efficient, environmentally friendly deicer

New deicing mixture offers higher performance than deicers on the market.

A new species of the Japanese lily identified for the first time since 1914

1st addition to sukashiyuri group in 110 years.

Using artificial photosynthesis to create biodegradable plastics

The system doubles the efficiency of fumaric acid production.

Testing upper limb feasibility in cardiopulmonary exercise

Comparing arm crank ergometer with cycle ergometer for evaluating Exercise capacity.

Scientists created canine iPSCs from urine-derived cells

The future of canine stem cell therapy.

A new simulation method predicts powder mixing using AI

New simulation method that accurately predicts powder mixing using AI.

Scientists observed cosmic-ray extensive air showers with unprecedented precision

“A new lens” into the Universe’s most energetic particles.

Group craft activities in occupational therapy work!

EEG analysis sheds light on social buffering during craft activities.

Male medaka fish cleverly control sperm volume by observing rival males’ behavior

How the sperm volume of male medaka fish adjusts in presence and behavior of rival males?

Kencur ginger possesses anti-cancer effects; study

A Southeast Asian ginger, could be a potential component for new anti-cancer markers.

AI can tell your true biological age

How old are you, really?

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