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Maisie’s galaxy is, in fact, among the earliest ever observed

It is one of the first distant galaxies identified by JWST.

Tropical trees rely on social distancing to preserve biodiversity

A key characteristic of the spatial distribution of adult trees.

This water-purifying cup can remove 99.9% of pathogens in creek water

This innovation can lead to commercially available point-of-use devices for cleaning water.

Scientists identified the genes that shape our skeletons

The work provides a road map connecting specific genes with skeletal lengths of different parts of the body.

JWST captured a glimpse of possible first-ever ‘dark stars’

A new type of star is pretty interesting all by itself.

The most distant active supermassive black hole to date discovered

It is less massive than any other yet identified in the early universe.

“Golden” fossils reveal origins of exceptional preservation

All that glitters is not gold, even in the case of fossils.

An ultrathin, lightweight e-tattoo watches for heart disease red flags

Chest e-tattoo boasts major improvements in heart monitoring.

Salt could play key role in energy transition

Salt could have a big role to play in the energy transition.

A molten rock layer discovered hidden under Earth’s tectonic plates

The study might help settle a long-standing debate about how tectonic plates move.

Brain-powered wheelchair shows real-world promise

This is a sign of future commercial viability for mind-powered wheelchairs.

Same-sex married couples handle stress better than different-sex couples

It’s important to consider the perspectives and experiences of both partners in a marriage.

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