University of Leeds

Indoor air quality standards should be introduced around the globe

Mandating indoor air quality for public buildings

Nope! The sweeteners do not increase your appetite

Do sweeteners increase your appetite?

Nanosurgical tool may unlock cancer breakthrough

Single-cell nanobiopsy allows long-term tracking of cancer cell gene activity.

Testing a breakthrough material for dry mouth conditions

Comparing a new hydrogel lubricant with commercial saliva substitutes.

Astronomy’s new frontier: Triple systems in massive ‘Be stars’ uncovered

The stars move across the night sky, over long periods like 10 years, and short periods of around six months.

New AI can map giant icebergs 10,000 times faster than humans

This breakthrough will allow for more rapid and accurate analyses of satellite imagery.

Largest ever solar storm in tree rings identified

Researchers discovered a huge spike in radiocarbon levels 14,300 years ago.

Dads’ reading and play boost kids’ school performance

Fathers boost kids in school through play and reading.

Shedding light on the blue legs symptom of Long Covid

Long COVID unveiled: Exploring dysautonomia, venous insufficiency, and acrocyanosis.

New Antarctic extremes are ‘virtually certain’ as the world warms

Antarctic change has global implications.

Study solves the mystery of Jupiter’s stunning color changes

A long-running mystery behind Jupiter’s famous “stripes”.

How magnetism could help explain Earth’s formation?

It can actually tell us something about the very formation of the Earth-Moon system.

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