Iowa State University

Crucial blood stem cell creation step uncovered by ISU researchers

NF-kB activation by Nod1 initiates hematopoietic stem cell specification.

New research suggests hybrid exercise cuts heart disease risks

CardioRACE trial investigates cardiovascular risks in overweight adults.

Crucial blood stem cell creation step found by ISU researchers

Small Rho GTPases trigger Nod1-dependent NF-kB, initiating stem cell specification.

Scientists build synthetic catalysts to break down biomass

Scientists are trying to mimic the features of natural enzymes.

Maize tolerance to moderate heat stress has increased

Researchers assess 81 years of public records and over 4,700 maize hybrid varieties.

Mosquito immune cells could shed light on the insect immune system

A better understanding of how these immune cells function.

Good news for wine and cheese lovers

The study indicates diet may help reduce cognitive decline.

A simple skin test can accurately identify Parkinson’s disease

Diagnosing Parkinson’s disease with skin samples could lead to earlier detection.

How disk galaxies evolve so smoothly?

A much deeper understanding of the physical processes that resolve this almost-50-year-old key problem.

A step towards more environmentally friendly paints and coatings

A new study shows that nanoparticles could be more environmentally friendly.

Liver dysfunction may lead to deterioration of the heart

A new study fills in a gap in how scientists comprehend the connections between heart health and different tissues and could inform the advancement...

Solving a 50-year-old puzzle in signal processing

The Fourier transform and its inverse appear in many natural phenomena and have numerous applications. The fast Fourier transform (FFT) and the inverse FFT...

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