Giant volcano discovered on Mar’s equator

Its discovery points to an exciting new place to search for life.

Massive volcanic eruptions triggered short-lived, historical global cooling

Summer temperatures may be highly sensitive to high latitude volcanic eruptions.

After 373 years, the mystery behind the volcanic tsunami resolved

GEOMAR scientists reconstructed historic volcanic eruption using 3D seismics.

Most detailed underground images to date of the Long Valley Caldera

California supervolcano is cooling off but may still cause quakes.

Gaseous carbon dioxide can trigger explosive eruptions

The research offers a clearer picture of our planet’s deep internal dynamics and composition.

The study discovered the secret to Venus’s youthful appearance

What keeps Venus looking so young?

Ancient volcanic activity on Moon’s dark side

Large sub-surface granite formation signals ancient volcanic activity on Moon's dark side.

Scientists used superfast muons to navigate underground wirelessly

New technology enables navigation in places GPS can’t reach.

A unique new volcano has been discovered in the Barents Sea

The volcano erupts mud, fluids and gas from the planets interior.

Newly discovered earth-sized planet may be covered in Volcanoes

Welcome to Earth, extreme edition.

Direct evidence of active volcanism on Venus

NASA’s Magellan data reveal volcanic activity on Venus.

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