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A disposable diaper sensor can continuously track the presence of urinary tract infection, leading to earlier treatment. (Purdue University image)

Autonomous diaper sensor detects better urinary tract infections

A urinary tract infection (UTI) happens when bacteria (germs) gets into the urinary tract. The most common place for a UTI to occur is...
A T cell, here in violet, makes contact with a transplant organ cell, here in brown and purple. The T cell secretes the enzyme granzyme B, here in gray, which attacks the organ cell. But granzyme B also severs fluorescent signal molecules, in green, from the rejection detecting nanoparticle, in light red. The signal molecules makes their way into the urine, where they give off a fluorescent cue.

Urine test detects organ transplant rejection

The early detection of the onset of transplant rejection is critical for the long-term survival of patients. The diagnostic gold standard for detecting transplant...
The world’s first bio-brick made using human urine was unveiled at UCT this week. In picture are (from left) the Department of Civil Engineering’s Dr Dyllon Randall and his students, Vukheta Mukhari and Suzanne Lambert.

World-first bio-bricks from urine

Suzanne Lambert, a master student from the University of Cape Town (UCT) has developed the world’s first bio-brick grown from human urine. He has created...

Scientists devised functioning kidney tissue

Scientists from the University of Manchester have developed a human kidney tissue within a living organism which is efficient to produce urine, a first...
New Solar-Powered Device Removes Water and Fertilizer from Urine Used To Make Beer

New Solar-Powered Device Removes Water and Fertilizer from Urine Used To Make Beer

Researchers from Ghent University have cultivated a new solar-powered device that separates water and fertilizer from human urine. The device can be used for...