Stephen Hawking

New theoretical research has shown that Stephen Hawking was right about black holes

Stephen Hawking was right about black holes, although not completely.

Hawking’s black hole theorem confirmed after 50 years

Study offers evidence, based on gravitational waves, to show that the total area of a black hole’s event horizon can never decrease.

New formula for calculating Hawking radiation at the event horizon of a black hole

Testing the accuracy of different versions of the quantum gravity theory.

In an experiment, scientists made an analogue black hole that traps sound

The entropy of a black hole and Hawking radiation should have the same temperature given by the surface gravity, within a numerical factor of...

Stephen Hawking: “I Am Convinced That Humans Need to Leave Earth For Prolong Humanity’s Existence”

Recently in May, Stephen Hawking made a prediction that humanity has 100 years left on Earth. But, now he estimates that the only way...

A Gas Station in Space Could Allow Us to Reach Other Worlds

It has been almost 45 years that a human set foot on the moon. Every year, students from a wide range of backgrounds are invited...

Stephen Hawking: Humanity Only Has Around 100 Years Left On Earth

Since the century or so, humanity has cultivated a great deal of innovation from airplanes to the smart devices. But, at the same time,...

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