Wednesday, August 10, 2022


PV-driven microbial food production uses land and sunlight more efficiently

The protein from microbes uses a fraction of the resources of conventional farming.

A new pathway to harnessing the sun for a clean energy future

A step closer to more efficient photovoltaics and solar fuel systems.

Hybrid solar converter generates both electricity and steam with 85% efficiency

It generates electricity and high-temperature heat with high efficiency and low cost.

Scientists identified the origin of defects in solar cell technology

Next-generation technologies such as solar cells and LEDs show have emerged as promising alternatives to silicon solar cells, as they are cheaper and greener...

New photosynthetic protein system for more sustainable solar-powered devices

Scientists from the University of Bristol have developed a photosynthetic protein system using both chlorophyll and bacteriochlorophyll to enhance a more sustainable approach to...

Efficient, solution‐processed, hybrid tandem solar cells

A novel technology, capable of maximizing the performance of the existing CQD solar cells has been developed, recently.

Technoeconomic: Slimming down the solar cells

For cheaper solar cells, thinner really is better.

Transparent solar cells with flexibility, and high-efficiency

Stretchable and colorless freestanding microwire arrays for transparent solar cells with flexibility.

Solar Stove reduces the cooking costs by 80% and is a safer alternative

In India, especially in rural areas, millions of women spend several hours cooking meals on smoky ovens or open fires within their homes. This...

Semi-transparent solar cell for possible window coating

Scientists at the University of Tokyo have developed a semi-transparent solar cell that uses the organic-inorganic hybrid material perovskite to generate electricity. This material productively...

Google Now uses 100% of its Energy from Renewables

Google, a multinational company that specialized on the internet of services and products. Through its continuous growth, it now becomes a world's most valuable company. In...

Researchers have developed the wallpaper bio-solar panel

Cyanobacteria are photosynthetic micro-organisms that have been on Earth for billions of years. They are thought to be the primary reason why the Earth’s...

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