New solar module produces clean energy and heat simultaneously

Three technological innovations significantly reduce costs.

Scientists use quantum devices to slow chemical reactions by a factor of 100 billion

What happens in nature in femtoseconds observed in milliseconds?

A new bio-inspired solar leaf design inspired by nature

A new solar energy design may pave the way for future renewable energy technologies.

Low-cost photoreactor for making green chemicals and fuels

The concept ensures high photocatalytic efficiency throughout the day and year without sun tracking.

Solar-powered bus stop reduces extreme heat by up to 20 degrees

It makes waiting times more comfortable and pleasant for the user during times of extreme heat.

Solar battery that can absorb light and store energy simultaneously

The synthesized material can be used to create a solar battery.

A unique microscopic toolkit for a new generation of bioelectronic devices

Pioneering study signals new era of environment-friendly programmable bioelectronics.

New device turns sunlight into hydrogen with record efficiency

The new technology is a significant step forward for clean energy.

This solar power station could provide clean energy for lunar operations

The butterfly-inspired Greater Earth Lunar Power Station could beam power to lunar bases.

Sustainable fuels made from thin air and plastic waste

Researchers show carbon dioxide capture and solar energy conversion for clean, sustainable fuels.

PolyU researchers achieved a record efficiency with organic solar cells

The research team developed a novel OSC morphology-regulating technique using 1,3,5-trichlorobenzene.

A solar-powered system turns plastic and greenhouse gases into a sustainable energy

The system can easily be tuned to produce different products by changing the type of catalyst.

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