Thursday, June 8, 2023


Modest moss can store billions of tons of carbon

Plant life absorbs & transforms greenhouse gases to combat climate change..

The secret of the Amazonian dark earth could help forest restoration

Amazonian dark earth facilitates the establishment of tree species in forest restoration.

Researchers have developed a tool to optimize irrigation

Farmers can conserve water by using irrigation optimization techniques.

Grad student designs “artificial muscles” to be used in compost bins

soft robotic actuators made up of sustainable materials.

Nonnative leaf-litter ants are replacing native ants

Leaf-litter ants are declining in Florida, increasing in nonnative ants.

Underground Water Could be the Solution to Green Heating and Cooling

Seasonal energy storage improves climate change flexibility.

Soil nutrients affect the attractiveness of plants to bees from the ground up

Soil nutrition affects floral traits, pollinator attraction & cucumber fitness.

An amino acid found in mushrooms may be key to healthy aging

ERGO may help battle chronic inflammatory diseases.

New soil sensors could improve crop fertilization efficiency

Measuring temperature and nitrogen levels is essential for agriculture.

Mussels and other aquatic animals protect coastal ecosystems

Mollusks help sustain salt marshes in the face of climate change.

Wild pigs release the same emissions as 1 million cars each year

Assessing the threat of invasive species is an important tool for reducing carbon emissions.

Toxic Mercury may be deposited in forests in much greater quantities

Three-quarters of the deposition came from mercury in its gaseous form.

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