Study explains how soil traps carbon

New findings explain how soil sequesters plant-based carbon from the atmosphere.

A plant gene required for root hair growth found in grasses

Plant cell types: Unlocking the mystery of root hair development.

How capturing carbon in savannas can reduce global warming?

Grasses play an important role in capturing carbon in tropical savannas.

Childhood stunting is linked with low zinc levels in soil

Growing solutions to childhood stunting.

Arctic soil methane consumption increases in a drier climate

Well-drained soils remove methane from the atmosphere.

The fungus breaks down harmful food toxin

Isolating and characterizing filamentous fungi with patulin-degrading abilities.

New antibiotic targets drug-resistant bacteria

New antibiotic targets immutable bacterial structure.

How do wildfires cause mudslides and floods?

What happens to a landscape after a wildfire?

A nematode dormant for 46,000 years in Siberian permafrost revived

Genome analysis shows new nematode species shares molecular toolkit for survival with C. elegans.

How do bacteria affect plant growth?

UC Riverside's research focuses on sustainable agriculture practices.

Study finds widespread exposure to drug-resistant fungal spores

Citizen scientists help uncover overall exposure to drug-resistant fungal bioaerosols.

Sustainable PET waste utilization for enhancing sand-bentonite clay liners

UBCO researchers explore alternative plastic bottle applications.

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