Social media

AI tech discovers rise in tobacco-promoting social media posts

Computer vision enables scalable surveillance of e-cigarette products on Instagram and TikTok.

A digital detox may not improve wellbeing, study

Social media users who reduced usage for a week saw decreases in both positive and negative emotions.

The speed of spreading Facebook posts is related to the controversy

People’s perception of online information may depend per analysis of 57 million posts.

Why teens are saying “no” to alcohol

How has the function of alcohol use changed among adolescents over the past 20 years?

Why do people include themselves in photos

Some selfies can help capture the meaning of an event.

AI-based tools aid in measuring patient’s attitudes toward cholesterol medications

A new approach to understanding patient attitudes toward cholesterol drugs.

Data analysis refutes anti-vax blood clot claims about COVID-19 vaccines

Vaccination reduces the risk of blood clots, far less than COVID-19.

Teenagers who trust information found online believe it to be less stressful

The findings highlight the need for news literacy programs.

A study connects hard-right social media to incidents of civil unrest

Social media activity on hard-right platforms contributes to political unrest.

Social media linked to poor mental health and body image among young people

This issue is worthy of attention as an emerging global public health issue.

Female selfie posting can be driven by aggression

It is associated with intimidatory self-presentation strategies.

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