Hypertensive disorders during pregnancy are associated with increased risks of stroke

The associations were independent of preterm birth and fetal growth restriction.

Living in green neighborhoods linked to lower rates of smoking

Research showed people were 20% less likely to be current smokers and up to 12% more likely to successfully quit.

1 in 3 young adults may face severe COVID-19

Smoking habits trump asthma, obesity in risk factors for an otherwise healthy population.

Why men live shorter lives than women?

On average, women live longer than men. 57% of all those ages 65 and older are female. By age 85, 67% are women. The...

Scientist uncovered role of nicotine in breast cancer development

At the Institute of Life Sciences, Bhubaneswar (ILS), Bhubneshwar, a team of scientists headed Dr. Sandip K Mishra, has, for the first time, reported...

Smoking ban in cars have lasting impacts on a child’s health

A public ban on smoking in cars in England and Wales has led to fewer children being exposed to cigarette smoke

Smoking Hookah may lead to increased risk of blood clots

New evidence that hookah smoking may not be a safe alternative to cigarettes.

Avoiding smoky environments could protect your heart

Smoke is a complex mixture of small particles and gases. The small particles can cause itchy eyes, a sore throat, a runny nose, and...

Heavy smoking can damage your vision, study

Everyone is aware that smoking is indeed bad for the health. Still, some people do it anyway. Smoking has been proven a cause of numerous...

Smoking may limit body’s ability to fight skin cancer

Melanoma is a form of skin cancer that arises when pigment-producing cells—known as melanocytes—mutate and become cancerous. The immune response to melanoma improves the survival...

Friends and family increase the risk of children becoming smokers in the UK

New findings from the Imperial College London suggest that teenagers whose mothers smoked during pregnancy, or whose parents or friends smoke, are more likely to...

Vitamins may help smokers quit, study

A new study by the psychologists at the University of Canterbury (UC) demonstrates that minerals and vitamins may lessen cigarette consumption and advance effective stopping. This...

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