Skin cancer

32% of Americans agree that a tan makes people look better and healthier

Young adults are likelier to believe sun protection and skin cancer prevention myths.

Mobile app using AI can help diagnose skin melanoma

The study is the first in the world to test an AI-based mobile app.

Healing hearts with skin cancer genes

Time-dependent BRAF-V600E effects in engineered myocardium.

A cell signaling pathway regulates melanoma cell metastasis to the brain

The pathway changes the gene expression pattern of melanoma cells.

Epidermal hemoglobin discovery reveals skin’s protective secrets

Keratinocytes in upper epidermis and hair follicle isthmus express hemoglobin.

Super melanin: Skin savior for sunburn and chemical burns

Enhanced tissue repair with synthetic melanin topical use.

Consumers use shared products excessively

Shared products are less effective.

Skin cancer cells rewire their internal power systems to spread more efficiently

The team also identified a key molecule that orchestrates this process.

Nanoparticles stimulate an immune response against tumors without side effects

Immunostimulatory drugs slow tumor growth without producing systemic inflammation.

New AI tool to detect melanoma

A system that quickly analyzes wide-field images of patients’ skin in order to more efficiently detect cancer.

T-ray technology analyzes the structure of the skin

What's getting under your skin?

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