Quantum Systems

Scientists created the first programmable, logical quantum processor

Key step toward reliable, game-changing quantum computing.

Quantum squeeze to make clocks more precise

The Environment's noise affects the stability of clocks. A pendulum's swing can become unbalanced by a slight wind. Furthermore, heat can cause an atomic...

A new type of echo phenomenon discovered: Associated with the energy-band structure

Ultrafast lightwave control of electrons in crystals.

A quantum computer that can perform arbitrary calculations with qudits

Quan­tum com­puter works with more than zero and one.

Engineering of quantum states in solids using light

A platform to control and measure the properties of materials in various ways with light.

Quantum marbles in a bowl of light

An international study shows which factors determine the speed limit for quantum computations.

World-first modular quantum brain scanner

This is a world-first and opens up potential for whole-brain scanning & advances in diseases like Alzheimer's.

A potentially game-changing feature of qubit behavior

Physicists use ‘hyperchaos’ to model complex quantum systems at a fraction of the computing power.

The first quantum phase battery

In a new study, scientists presented the results from a theoretical and experimental collaboration that has led to the fabrication of the first quantum...

A path towards quantum computing at room temperature

Army scientists predicted that quantum computer circuits that will no longer need extremely cold temperatures to function could soon be available. Scientists have demonstrated the...

Quantum sensors with ultra-high precision

Atoms emit light in the form discrete packets called photons. If measured, these separate packets lead to particularly profound changes in its brightness, as...

The specialty of the arrow of time in an open quantum system

In both thermodynamics and quantum mechanics, the arrow of time is described by the statistical likelihood of physical procedures. In a new experiment by the...

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