Premature Babies

Premature babies benefit socially from early body contact

Early skin-to-skin contact impacts mother-infant interaction quality at four months for very preterm infants.

Improving care for preterm babies ‘second brain’

Growth of baby gut nervous system during mid-pregnancy.

Maternal voice reduces pain in premature babies

These results demonstrate the importance of parental presence with premature babies.

Teens using cannabis frequently probably have a premature baby

Frequent adolescent cannabis use may also carry intergenerational risks.

Premature boys age faster as men, study

They do not do as well as their normal-weight counterparts or preemie girls.

Why breastfed babies have improved immune systems?

New insight into the biological mechanisms of the long-term positive health effects of breastfeeding.

New computer vision technology to safely monitor pre-term babies

A new non-contact way to monitor pre-term infants in intensive care.

Soft, flexible sensors to monitor babies in the NICU with precision and without wires

A team of scientists at the Northwestern University has devised a pair of soft, flexible, wireless body sensors that holds the potential to replace...

Simple Way to Predict Preterm Births

An estimate suggests almost 18% babies born prematurely before completing 37 weeks of gestation. And 1 million of them do not survive whereas who survive, face developmental...

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