Parkinson’s Disease

Study find evidence that Parkinson’s starts in the gut

Autoimmune reaction can lead to what appears to be the early stages of Parkinson’s.

Football’s role in elevating the likelihood of Parkinson’s disease

Link between men's American football play and Parkinson's disease.

Dopamine neurons are more diverse than previously thought

Dopamine controls movement, not just rewards.

Significant crosstalk uncovered between the brain and GI tract

New technology can probe the neural circuits that influence hunger, mood, and a variety of diseases.

Exposure to TCE may raise your risk for Parkinson’s, study

First large-scale study to demonstrate its association with Parkinson’s.

Exploring the science behind the loss of smell in Parkinson’s patients

Impact of α-Synuclein Pathology on Olfaction in Parkinson's disease Mouse Model.

Reversing neurodegeneration and other symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

The peptide blocks a hyperactive brain enzyme that contributes to neurodegeneration.

Gene therapy boosts cold shock protein to protect mice against neurodegenerative disease

Gene therapy increases levels of 'cold shock protein' to protect mice from prion disease.

How the brain’s recycling system breaks down in Parkinson’s Disease?

The discovery could change the focus of Parkinson’s Disease treatment.

The earliest indication of Parkinson’s disease may be altered speech

Study tried to identify early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease using voice data.

Protein shapes could be a biomarker for Parkinson’s disease

Different protein structures.

The molecular machinery that delivers metabolites to mitochondria

A blueprint for treating neurological disorders?

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