Tuesday, July 5, 2022


New basalt type discovered beneath the Pacific ocean

The discovery suggests that ocean floor eruptions sourced in the Earth’s mantle were even hotter and more voluminous than previously thought.

Oceans will start emitting ozone-depleting CFCs, predicts study

As atmospheric concentrations of CFC-11 drop, the global ocean should become a source of the chemical by the middle of next century.

Our moon controls the release of methane in the Arctic Ocean, study

It is the first time this observation has been made in the Arctic Ocean.

A miniature optical modem allows for ultrafast underwater communications

It is sensitive enough to collect data at very high speeds from sources more than 50 meters away.

Fabien Cousteau presents PROTEUS, an underwater version of the ISS

The world’s most advanced underwater scientific research station and habitat.

New sodium-ion battery for large-scale energy storage

Lithium-ion batteries are composed of materials such as cobalt and lithium, which are rare, expensive. With the growing demand for electricity storage, these materials...

Highest levels of microplastic ever recorded on the seafloor

More than 10 million tons of plastic waste enters the oceans every year. Floating plastic waste at sea has attracted the public's interest, on...

We can rescue global marine life, study

A new study has found several components of marine ecosystems can be rebuilt if putting efforts to address the causes of their decline. After...

Climate change could wipe the world’s sandy beaches by 2100

Sandy beaches occupy more than one-third of the global coastline and have a high socioeconomic value related to recreation, tourism, and ecosystem services. Beaches...

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