A new method to characterize the properties of one of the four fundamental forces of nature

New Beta-Decay measurements in mirror nuclei pin down the weak nuclear force.

Neutrons can bind to quantum dots, study

MIT scientists discovered “neutronic” molecules.

New technique to improve nuclear waste treatment facilities

Measuring neutrons in nuclear waste could pave the way for safer nuclear waste treatment.

Massive neutron stars hiding cores of deconfined quark matter

The result was reached through massive supercomputer runs utilizing Bayesian statistical inference.

Ancient stars were able to produce heavy-mass elements

How heavy can an element be?

A never-before-seen form of Oxygen observed for the first time

Physicists observe Oxygen-28 for the first time.

A non-toxic and sustainable cleaning agent for painting

New cleaning agent for artworks investigated with neutrons at the FRM II.

New camera with a shutter speed of 1 trillionth of a second

Researchers could now understand how materials move heat.

Study sheds light on the nature of atomic nuclei

Nuclear popcorn: Heavy nucleus changes shapes at different energies.

Scientists developed a new quantum tool in a groundbreaking experiment

Scientists recreate properties of light in neutral fundamental particles called neutrons.

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