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The device for determining the orientation of the magnetic field functions like a compass. If you hold it against a magnet (here, silver-grey), the blue-red pin rotates so that its red end points in the direction of the north pole. CREDIT Paul Scherrer Institute/Mahir Dzambegovic

Measuring strong magnetic fields using neutrons

In the future, it will be possible to measure the fields of magnets that are already installed in devices and thus are inaccessible by other probing techniques.
The main ultra-cold neutron detector at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where physicists are attempting to pin down the particle's lifetime.Credit: Los Alamos National Laboratory

How long do neutrons live? Physicists close in on decades-old puzzle

Physicists are drawing closer to answering a long-standing mystery of the Universe: how long neutrons live. Neutrons are electrically neutral particles that usually combine with...
Reaching for Neutron Star

Reaching for Neutron Star

Its been more than a decade, Scientists at the Washington University in St. Louis is following the atomic nucleus. With continuous advancements in studies, they now moved...