Friday, July 1, 2022


Tetraneutron – An Exotic State of Matter discovered

It could lead to a better understanding of how the universe is put together.

Scientists aim to pin down neutron spin

Recent work will use the forthcoming Electron-Ion Collider to investigate what contributes to a neutron's spin.

Researchers created lightest version of magnesium to date

First Observation of the Four-Proton Unbound Nucleus of Magnesium.

Scientists studied the residual interaction between hadrons

ALICE takes the next step in understanding the interaction among hadrons.

Physicists measured the lifetime of the neutron more precisely

The measurement will help put theories about the nature of the universe to the test.

Detecting neutrons using a simple and cheap device

Photovoltaic perovskites can detect neutrons.

Why there’s so little antimatter in the universe?

Radioactive molecules are sensitive to subtle nuclear phenomena and might help physicists probe the violation of the most fundamental symmetries of nature.

A new, highly accurate measurement of the thickness of the neutron “skin”

Physicists net neutron star gold from the measurement of lead.

Hidden and unexpected quantum behavior uncovered in simple iron-iodide material

Neutrons piece together a 40-year puzzle behind iron-iodide's mysterious magnetism.

When did earth’s plate subduction begin?

Several billion-year-old rocks tell the story of the planet’s transition from alien landscape to one of continents, oceans, and ultimately life.

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