UL research explores childhood experiences and mortality risk

Self-acceptance and life purpose mediate childhood trauma impact on mortality risk.

The role of predictive AI in shaping healthcare outcomes

Examining the consequences of AI predictive models in healthcare.

Paternal leave may safeguard men from alcohol-related illness

Effects of paternal leave on alcohol morbidity in Sweden.

Stormwater Biofiltration increases coho salmon hatchling survival

Bioretention filtration prevents acute mortality and reduces chronic toxicity for early-life stage coho salmon.

Hip fracture care and costs vary widely across NHS hospitals

NHS hospitals need to improve hip fracture care to reduce costs and improve outcomes.

Most overweight individuals do not risk increased mortality

BMI’s link with mortality may also vary by age, per two decades of data on more than half a million US adults.

Buprenorphine used to treat Fentanyl distress produces few adverse reactions

Buprenorphine helps relieve opioid withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Wastewater could be used to track more viruses than COVID-19

Researchers have developed methods to track respiratory viruses in wastewater.

Visiting theatres and museums could help you live longer

Older people who engage with the arts live longer than those who take part infrequently or not at all.

Red meat consumption is linked to early death

The world is eating more meat. The global consumption of meat and poultry has increased in both developed and developing countries over the past...

High omega-6 levels can protect against premature death

According to a new study by the University of Eastern Finland, omega-6 fatty acids could protect you against premature death. While securing against death, omega-6...

Kids from low-income areas fare worse after heart surgery, finds study

A national study upon more than 86,000 kids with congenital heart disease have investigated that children from low-income neighborhoods had a higher mortality rate and...

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