Gravity’s effect on matter’s elusive twin is revealed

Down goes antimatter!

Matter makes up 31% of the total amount of matter and energy in the universe

A research team relies on measuring the number of galaxy members to determine the mass of galaxy clusters.

A new type of atomic nucleus discovered

The nucleus is the lightest isotope of astatine discovered to date.

Massive neutron stars likely to have a strange quark matter core

Exploring the equation of state of dense matter.

New ways for exotic quasiparticles to “relax”

A perovskite-based device that combines aspects of electronics and photonics.

Approaching the mystery of dark matter: Recording its gravitational effects on visible matter

Thinking big and dark by starting small and light.

Boosting the color brilliance of OLEDs through a fundamental physical concept

New research has shown that a strong coupling of light and material increases the color brilliance of OLED displays.

A new technology to assemble matter in 3D

Creating 3D objects with sound.

New artificial nanostructures for infrared absorption technologies

A new method to confine and absorb infrared (IR) light with GaN nanostructures.

World’s first direct observation of electron and positron capture process

This study opens up a new window for direct observation of the positron capture process.

New model for matter in neutron star collisions

As dense as it gets!

Scientists created the first quasiparticle Bose-Einstein condensate

For decades, it was elusive whether they could undergo Bose-Einstein condensation like real particles.

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