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A more accurate way to identify phases of matter

Phases of matter are the distinct physical forms taken on by all the “stuff” in the universe. CLassifying the phases of matter is a...
A CP-symmetry transformation swaps a particle with the mirror image of its antiparticle. The LHCb collaboration has observed a breakdown of this symmetry in the decays of the D0 meson (illustrated by the big sphere on the right) and its antimatter counterpart, the anti-D0 (big sphere on the left), into other particles (smaller spheres). The extent of the breakdown was deduced from the difference in the number of decays in each case (vertical bars, for illustration only) . Credit: CERN

Why matter is so widespread in the universe

Physicists in the College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University have confirmed that there is a markedly different decaying process between matter and...
A collision event recorded by CMS at the start of the data-taking run of 2018. CMS sifts through such collisions up to 40 million times per second looking for signs of hypothetical particles like leptoquarks (Image: Thomas McCauley/Tai Sakuma/CMS/CERN)

Mysterious Leptoquarks could bind both types of matter

The matter is made of rudimentary particles, and the Standard Model of particle physics expresses that these particles happen in two families: leptons, (for...
The target chamber, where the laser beams are focussed

Scientists trying to turn light into matter

The hypothesis of the Breit-Wheeler process says it ought to be conceivable to transform light into the issue by crushing two particles of light...