Wednesday, July 6, 2022


An unusual quantum state of matter observed for the first time

It’s not every day that someone comes across a new state of matter in quantum physics.

A tunable graphene-based platform to study rare physics

Finely controlled approach enables ‘exceptional’ devices; has implications for future optoelectronics.

A new experiment could confirm the fifth form of matter

It could change physics as we know it.

An extremely long beam of matter and antimatter extending from a tiny pulsar

Tiny star unleashes Gargantuan beam of matter and antimatter.

Scientists have discovered a long-predicted magnetic state of matter

Scientists identify a long-sought magnetic state predicted nearly 60 years ago.

New technique to see matter-wave caustics

Atom laser creates reflective patterns similar to light.

Supercomputers predict exotic six-quark particle

A new particle predicted by supercomputers could shed light on how matter is formed.

Experiments reveal the formation of new states of matter

The observations are consistent with the theory of a state with fermionic quadrupling.

A new way to combine two different states of matter

Photon-phonon breakthrough.

Exotic matter-wave states revealed in condensed matter physics

Optically generated quantum fluids of light reveal exotic matter-wave states in condensed matter physics.

A new phase of matter unraveled

Back to basics approach.

A way to get photons to interact with atoms

Light-matter interactions propel quantum technologies forward.

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