Pioneering method to tackle lethal liver cancer

GalNAc-conjugated siRNA aims at DNAJB1-PRKACA fusion in liver cancer.

Impact of obesity on mice liver function

Opposite metabolic dysregulation in obese liver.

Innovative medicine offers a needle-free life for diabetes patients

Nano-insulin formulation reduces hypoglycemia episodes in oral therapy.

UCLA investigates maternal diabetes’s impact on fetal development

Atlas explores fetal metabolism in mid-to-late gestation and diabetic pregnancy.

Implant promises widened access to life-saving diabetes treatment

Long-term survival of encapsulated islets without immunosuppression via inflammation-induced neovascularization.

Protein-causing liver damage could be a new focus for treatment

The role of CYR61 in liver damage and NASH Fibrosis.

Genetic study links blood sugar and type 2 diabetes treatment

Diabetes pathophysiology and treatment: A genetic perspective.

Consumption of Cardamom for appetite boost and fat burn

Cardamom seeds boost energy expenditure and reduce fat in mice.

Surgeons perform the first successful robotic liver transplant in the U.S.

This extends to liver transplants the advantages of minimally invasive robotic surgery.

Chronic liver disease can affect brain health

CRP may be a biomarker for cognitive decline in liver disease.

Eating fast food is associated with liver disease

Risk of liver damage is highest for those with obesity or diabetes.

Green tea extract may harm the liver in people with certain genetic variations

Despite offering protection against several diseases, it may cause liver damage.

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