Life on Earth

Life’s building blocks are surprisingly stable in Venus-like conditions

Results suggest the clouds of Venus could be hospitable for some forms of life.

Scientists reveal how first cells could have formed on Earth

Understanding how primordial cells emerged during origin of life.

Potential origins of life uncovered in ancient hot springs

Research turns to ancient hot springs to explore the origins of life on Earth.

Exploring the existence of life at 125 degrees Fahrenheit

Several lineages of amoebae were often recovered from extremely high temperature environments.

No, oxygen didn’t catalyze the swift blossoming of Earth’s first multicellular organisms

Life on Earth didn’t arise as described in textbooks.

Scientists recreated and compared molecular languages at the origin of life

Two molecular languages at the origin of life have been successfully recreated and mathematically validated.

A unique microscopic toolkit for a new generation of bioelectronic devices

Pioneering study signals new era of environment-friendly programmable bioelectronics.

A new method to observe chemical reactions taking place in liquids

Why urea may have been the gateway to life?

Evidence found for the existence of the amino acid tryptophan in space

The temperature of the tryptophan is about 280 Kelvin, or 7 degrees Celsius.

A lost world of early ancestors discovered in billion-year-old rocks

It could change our understanding of our earliest ancestors.

Solar eruptions may have formed the first building blocks of life on Earth

A stormy, active Sun may have kickstarted life.

Study highlights how amino acids shaped the genetic code of ancient microorganisms

Scientists gain insights into how amino acids shaped the genetic code of ancient microorganisms.

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