International Space Station captured incredible view of aurora australis

Incredibly Stunning!


An aurora is a natural light display in the Earth’s sky, primarily seen in high-latitude regions. Auroras result from the collision of ions in the solar wind with atoms of oxygen and nitrogen in the upper atmosphere. The collision excites the atoms, and they typically emit light as they return to their original energy level.

The light generates auroras in green and red color. Sometimes, other colors such as blue and purple are also observed.

Image showing green light auroras
Image: ISS

Also known as Southern lights, aurora australis is the southern cousin to the aurora borealis. On Aug.5, International Space Station (ISS) has shared an incredibly stunning view of aurora australis on its social media (Instagram).

Image showing green light aurorasImage showing green light auroras

While sharing, they put the caption “The aurora australis is spectacular in these views from the station above the Indian Ocean in between Asia and Antarctica.”


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