Nope! The sweeteners do not increase your appetite

Do sweeteners increase your appetite?

New obesity drug may aid in lowering blood pressure in adults

Tirzepatide lowers 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure in adults with BMI ≥27 kg/m².

Innovative medicine offers a needle-free life for diabetes patients

Nano-insulin formulation reduces hypoglycemia episodes in oral therapy.

Easy, early diabetes prediction

New simple index (SPINA-DI) measures carbohydrate health.

Approaching the goal of regenerating insulin in pancreatic stem cells

Promoting β-cell regeneration in type 1 diabetes donors using EZH2 inhibitors.

Weekly long-acting smart insulin created by researchers

Diabetic mice, minipigs achieve week-long normoglycemia with subcutaneous smart insulin.

Common arthritis drug suppress the progression of type 1 diabetes

World-first research offers new hope for type 1 diabetes.

Implant promises widened access to life-saving diabetes treatment

Long-term survival of encapsulated islets without immunosuppression via inflammation-induced neovascularization.

Nerve stimulation boosts pancreas regeneration of insulin cells

Vagal nerve optogenetics boosts glucose-stimulated insulin secretion and β cell growth.

Study found a link between obesity and neurodegenerative disorders

High-sugar diet in fruit flies leads to insulin resistance in the brain and impairs cleanup of neuronal waste.

Repurposed drug shows promise for type 1 diabetes

Polyamine biosynthesis inhibition protects β cell function in type 1 diabetes.

Weekly insulin injections for diabetes management

Comparing weekly and daily insulin in type 1 diabetes (ONWARDS 6).

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