Seasonal trends in diabetes care through glucose data

Exploring seasonal glycemic trends with wearable data.

Model cuts costs, boosts generic drug availability

Guarding healthcare supply chains: Civica Rx's vaccination.

Obesity drug enhances learning in people with obesity

Liraglutide's brain-boosting potential in obesity management.

Insulin production: New insights into its biology

A new role for N6-Adenosine methylation in insulin production.

Breastfeeding reduces Type 2 diabetes risk in mothers

Breastfeeding enhances insulin production and sensitivity, protecting mothers from type 2 diabetes.

Early breakfast linked to lower risk of type 2 Diabetes

Eating early and often may reduce your risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

Deep-sleep brain waves linked to blood sugar control

Sleeping brainwaves predict blood sugar levels.

Study offers a summary of the benefits of exercise on Type 2 diabetes

The timing and type of workout is critical for optimal effects.

Pancreatic beta-cells reactivate to produce insulin

The drug stimulates pancreatic beta-cells to release insulin.

Time-restricted eating: A new way to prevent diabetes and obesity?

Circadian eating: a new way to prevent type 2 diabetes?

DNA discovery reveals how we maintain healthy blood sugar levels after meals

Treatments for type 2 diabetes may be developed in the future.

A potential cure for diabetes found in human stomach cells

A promising approach to treating diabetes.

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