Sunday, September 25, 2022


Turning Hydrogen Molecule into a quantum sensor

Technique for precise measurement of electrostatic properties of materials

New catalyst extracts hydrogen from hydrogen storage materials more efficiently

A “fairly simple” breakthrough makes accessing stored hydrogen more efficient.

A new approach to artificial photosynthesis

Increasing efficiency in artificial photosynthesis.

Nano-chocolates that store hydrogen

An innovative approach could turn nanoparticles into simple reservoirs for storing Hydrogen.

New efficient electrocatalyst to make green hydrogen from water

Gamechanger for clean hydrogen production.

Highly efficient ternary alloy catalyst for hydrogen production

The exsolved catalyst shows exceptional stability, with continuous DRM operation for about 350 hours.

Scientists captured a ‘quantum tug’ between neighboring water molecules

The work sheds light on the web of hydrogen bonds that gives water its strange properties.

Hydrogen can bond strongly with iron in extreme conditions

There may be up to 70 times more hydrogen in Earth's core than in the oceans.

An enzyme could make a dream come true for the energy industry

Platinum-free biocatalyst for fuel cells and water electrolysis.

A new pathway to harnessing the sun for a clean energy future

A step closer to more efficient photovoltaics and solar fuel systems.

Hubble captured a detailed image of the unusual planetary nebula Abell 78

Re-energized planetary nebula.

A large quantity of Mars’ water is trapped in its crust

New study challenges long-held theory of fate of Mars’ Water.

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