Scientists discovered solar-wind hydrogen in lunar samples

Hydrogen stored in grain rims is a source for volatiles released in the exosphere during impacts.

Generating clean electricity with chicken feathers

Turning unused waste from food production into clean energy.

Making green hydrogen from plastic waste

Graphene by-product offsets ‘flash’ hydrogen production costs, Rice study finds.

New research could help advance clean energy storage technology

Striking gold with molecular mystery solution for potential clean energy.

Hydrogen and electricity can be combined to make pharmaceutical drugs

Technique for using hydrogen and electricity to create pharmaceuticals.

The study explains the ion-specific properties of ion hydration

Ions share their hydration secrets for industrial design and manufacturing.

New research enhances hydrogen production efficiency from water

Researchers found a key to efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting for hydrogen production.

Study predicted another surprising property of hydrogen

Theoretical physicists calculate unusual behaviour of electrons.

New device turns sunlight into hydrogen with record efficiency

The new technology is a significant step forward for clean energy.

Astronomers have discovered a two-faced star

Unusual white dwarf star is made of hydrogen on one side and helium on the other.

A new method might enable the mass generation of fusion energy

Dynamic shell formation has been demonstrated experimentally for the first time.

Evidence found for the existence of the amino acid tryptophan in space

The temperature of the tryptophan is about 280 Kelvin, or 7 degrees Celsius.

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