Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Extracting rare elements and minerals from wastewater for renewable energy

Study describes ways in which environmental biotechnologies will help society achieves sustainability goals.

Scientists created a superconducting material at both a temperature and pressure

Scientists have not only raised the temperature but also lowered the pressure.

Salt could play key role in energy transition

Salt could have a big role to play in the energy transition.

For the first time, quantum mechanical tunneling reaction observed in experiments

Quan­tum Chem­istry: Molecules caught tun­nel­ing.

Engineered wood absorbs carbon dioxide and gets stronger

The method could lower both emissions and building construction costs.

There could be rising silicon-rich snow in the Earth’s outer core

The silicon-rich snow can develop into greater depths with further secular cooling of Earth.

Making hydrogen out of seawater – no desalination required

A cheaper and more energy-efficient way to make hydrogen directly from seawater.

Exploring progenitor system of Type Ia supernova

Scientists carried out detailed hydrodynamic simulations of the common-envelope wind model.

New catalysts could be key for the hydrogen economy

Inexpensive catalyst uses energy from light to turn ammonia into hydrogen fuel.

Using random numbers to precisely describe the warm, dense hydrogen found in some planet interiors

Rolling dice to gain insights into planets and stars.

Largest gas cloud discovered is 20 times bigger than the Milky Way

Largest atomic gas structure around a galaxy group.

Turning Hydrogen Molecule into a quantum sensor

Technique for precise measurement of electrostatic properties of materials

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