Sunday, June 4, 2023


These countries are at more risk of harm by record-breaking heatwaves

Extreme heat is more dangerous in developing countries.

Solar hydrogen system co-generates heat and oxygen

The solar reactor produces usable heat, oxygen, and hydrogen.

Nonnative leaf-litter ants are replacing native ants

Leaf-litter ants are declining in Florida, increasing in nonnative ants.

Global experts propose a path to generate clean power from waste energy

Roadmap on Energy Harvesting Materials.

Study unveils obscure heat transfer behaviors

Discovery shows heat movement slowing down under extreme pressure instead of speeding up.

Heat conduction plays a vital role in droplet dynamics

Action is important in repelling water from windshields, airplane wings.

How liquids take up heat?

A link between the microscopic movements of particles in a liquid and its ability to absorb heat.

Hybrid solar converter generates both electricity and steam with 85% efficiency

It generates electricity and high-temperature heat with high efficiency and low cost.

Water-filled windows use water to heat and cool buildings

The WFG system can help regulate the indoor temperature, save energy, and reduce CO2 emission.

Cooling certain materials is the fastest way to heat them

What is the fastest way to heat a system which is coupled to a temperature-controlled oven? The obvious answer is to utilize just the hottest...

Heat energy can travel through a complete vacuum

Heat energy leaps through empty space, thanks to quantum weirdness

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