Eye Care

New contact lenses prevent contact lens-induced dry eye

Contact lenses to treat dry eye syndrome.

Dry eye disease alters how the eye’s cornea heals itself after injury

Mouse study IDs gene and proteins that could be targeted for therapy.

Reversing glaucoma damage and vision loss

Seeing clearly again.

New gene therapy for eye disease

The findings have implications for a much wider suite of neurological disorders associated with aging.

Regenerating damaged nerve fibers in the eye

Technique to regenerate optic nerve offers hope for future glaucoma treatment.

Special filters in glasses can help the colorblind see colors better

Advanced spectral notch filters to enhance color vision.

New device for the early detection of certain eyesight problems

In vivo observation of the human retina at the cellular level is crucial to detect the first signs of retinal diseases and adequately treat...

Smart contact lens sensor detects common eye problems by altering colors

Wearable electronics, coupled with wireless communications systems and monitoring technologies, are providing advances relevant to medical application development. One of these new advances is...

A drug used widely to treat a common eye condition has no benefit, study

Evaluating whether eplerenone was superior to placebo in terms of improving visual acuity in patients with chronic CSCR.

New microscopic glass device to inject medicine directly into retinal veins

EPFL scientists have helped develop a microscopic glass device that doctors could use to inject medicine into retinal veins with unprecedented accuracy. Their instrument meets an important need in eye surgery, delivering exceptional stability and precision.

Startup wants make vision care more accessible in developing world

Vision impairment is a noteworthy worldwide issue. More than 2 billion individuals worldwide don't approach restorative focal points. Getting eyeglasses medicines is particularly troublesome in...

New Eye Test could Detect Glaucoma Years Earlier

Glaucoma is eye disease that causes harm to eye's optical nerve. Generally, it happens when fluid builds up in the front part of your...

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