Tuesday, January 31, 2023


Exercise preserves physical fitness during the aging, study

Findings may represent promising strategies for promoting muscle function during aging.

Night owls are more susceptible to diabetes and heart disease

Those who stay up later have a reduced ability to use fat for energy.

Study found the secret to staying young

The study highlights the power of lifelong exercise to keep muscles healthy.

Why does exercise become harder the less you do?

Doing less exercise could deactivate a vital protein in the body.

Women from under-privileged cultural backgrounds are less likely to practice sports

Childhood health and cultural inequalities: women pay the price.

Studying the effect of exercise at various ages on plaque formation

Simulation models exercise, age effects on plaque formation in arteries.

Study identifies several ways to boost exercise

The results could help frame the discussion between physical activity and chronic health.

Exercise prevents fatty liver associated diseases

Exercise not only trains the muscles but can also prevent the development of fatty liver.

Regular exercise can reduce their risk of developing and dying from pneumonia

People who exercise regularly can reduce their risk of developing and dying from pneumonia.

Regular exercise eliminates death risk regardless of exposure to air pollution

Habitual exercise should be promoted as a health improvement strategy.

Coffee before exercise increases fat-burning

If the exercise is performed in the afternoon, the effects of the caffeine are more marked than in the morning.

People with low fitness are nearly twice as likely to experience depression

There is a 60% greater chance of anxiety.

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