Are long COVID sufferers being ignored?

Implications of COVID-19 absences for employees.

Benefits of virtual rehab for stroke recovery

Exploring telerehabilitation for better leg recovery after stroke.

Common diabetic drug linked to “anti-hunger” molecule causes weight loss

It may pave the way to a new class of weight loss drugs.

Good night’s sleep is tied to how you structure your day

Boost exercise to beat your bedtime blues.

New study reveals exercise breakthrough for Down Syndrome

Physical and cognitive health in Down Syndrome.

Testing upper limb feasibility in cardiopulmonary exercise

Comparing arm crank ergometer with cycle ergometer for evaluating Exercise capacity.

Electronic skin for monitoring stress responses

CARES: Advancements in wearable stress monitoring with electronic skin and machine learning.

New research suggests hybrid exercise cuts heart disease risks

CardioRACE trial investigates cardiovascular risks in overweight adults.

Could the “Feel Good” hormone explain exercise’s brain benefits?

Dopamine's role: Improved reaction time with cardio exercise.

Engineers create vibrating pill to treat obesity potentially

Bioelectronic stimulator tricks satiety via vibrating ingestible device.

Light activity reverses childhood obesity from sedentary habits

Accelerometer-based activity and fat mass in 6059 children.

Body dissatisfaction linked to increased risk of depression

It may be that some public health messaging could be fostering feelings of guilt or shame.

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