The soothing power of improvisational music for epilepsy patients

Epilepsy monitoring unit's calming music pilot study during COVID-19.

Brain region identified as key to conscious experience

Different brain regions involved in sustained conscious visual perception.

Genetic Link between alzheimer’s disease and Epilepsy

Epilepsy linked to increased risk of alzheimer's disease.

New technique fine-tunes treatment for severe epilepsy cases

Almost one out of three patients encounter no alleviation from drugs and are a possibility for a medical procedure. Scientists at Yale University now use a...

Epilepsy is associated with brain volume and thickness differences

The biggest consistently neuroimaging investigation of individuals with epilepsy, distributed today in Brain, demonstrates that epilepsy includes more far reaching physical contrasts than already...

New Technique could Revolutionize Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy

At present, the people who grasp epilepsy are treated by medication that severely removes seizures threats. But, in some cases, this drug prove ineffective. Therefore,...

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