Thursday, May 26, 2022


3.8-Billion-year-old crystal to point earliest geochemical evidence of plate tectonics

Crystal to point an early start for the active global process that shapes Earth's surface and climate

Simulating common processes of formation of new subduction zones

How do these subduction zones originate, and how do they evolve over time?

Vibrating Mountains

Simulation approach works for a large mountain.

Tsunami size varies with depth of Earthquake

Earthquake depth impacts potential tsunami threat.

Researchers discovered a new type of earthquake

They are slower and last longer.

Mars interior revealed for the first time

The results point to a cool, more sluggish early mantle.

Two sizable quakes detected on Mars

The quakes add weight to the idea that the location is a center of seismic activity.

How earthquake triggers volcanic eruptions?

Scientists reviewed current knowledge, and introduce a novel framework to help characterize earthquake-triggering processes.

How Earth’s outer shell first broke into tectonic plates?

The answer lies in the consideration of major heat-loss mechanisms

How water in the deep Earth triggers earthquakes and tsunamis?

Oceanic lithosphere carries volatiles, notably water, into the mantle through subduction at convergent plate boundaries. This subducted water exercises control on the production of...

New research unveiled structures deep inside the Earth

Most of what we know about the interior of the Earth comes from the study of seismic waves from earthquakes. These waves contain vital...

Earth’s inner core is rotating, study

Temporal changes of inner-core (IC) seismic phases have been confirmed with high-quality waveform doublets. However, the nature of the temporal changes is still controversial. Geologists...

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