‘Planet within a planet’ revealed by research into Earth’s deep core

Seismologists probe Earth’s inner core.

New research solves the mystery of “earthquakes” or “tremors” cause

The process of extracting oil causes tremors.

The Campi Flegrei volcano’s crust is weakening

The Campi Flegrei volcano in southern Italy is weakening and potentially erupting.

Artificial Intelligence can be used to create a tsunami early warning system

Early warnings for tsunamis are difficult due to underwater earthquakes.

Optical fiber communication cables can warn against earthquakes

Optical Fibers Can Provide Early Warning for Earthquakes.

Wastewater disposal from oil production caused the most powerful earthquake in Canada

Wastewater injection caused a magnitude 5.6 earthquake in Alberta.

Earth’s inner core may be enriched with oxygen

Understanding of the formation process and evolution history of the Earth's core.

Dinosaurs killing impact triggered a “mega-earthquake” that lasted weeks to months

The amount of energy released in this "mega-earthquake" is estimated at 1023 joules

Shape of sand grains influences the liquefaction of sand

There is a strong correlation between the two.

Seismic wave data revealed changes in the Earth’s outer core

Scientists have never directly observed convective flows or how they may be changing.

Understanding changes in Earth’s outer core with the help of seismic waves

The composition of the bulk, the outer core of the Earth, is not pure iron but has a density deficit of about 5–10%, indicating...

How the Earth’s continents were assembled?

Updating our understanding of Earth’s architecture.

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