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An artist's impression of the jet (pictured as a ball of fire), produced in the neutron star merger first detected on August 17, 2017 by telescopes around the world, as well as LIGO, which detects gravitational waves (green ripples)

Superfast jet observed streaming away from stellar collision

Using a collection of National Science Foundation radio telescopes, Caltech scientists now confirmed that a superfast jet had been produced by the neutron star collision. They...
Conceptual illustration of a droplet containing an artificial neural network made of DNA that has been designed to recognize complex and noisy molecular information, represented as 'molecular handwriting.' Credit: Olivier Wyart

Scientists created AI from DNA

Caltech scientists have recently developed an AI made out of DNA that can tackle a classic machine learning problem by precisely recognizing written by hand...
Credit: Pixabay/CC0

Scientists can now predict intelligence from brain scans

If you've ever lied about your IQ to seem more intelligent, it's time to fess up. Scientists can now tell how smart you are...

The cartography of the nucleus

Settled somewhere down in every one of your cells is the thing that appears like a magic trick: Six feet of DNA is bundled...
Artist's concept of a brain in isolation. Credit: Maayan Harel

How social isolation transforms the brain

Chronic social isolation is often associated with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder in humans. Caltech scientists conducted a study on this topic- chronic social isolation...
An artist's rendering of the new design for a robot that uses material deformation to propel itself through water. Credit: Tian Chen and Osama R. Bilal

No Motor, No Battery, No Problem

Caltech scientists in collaboration with ETH Zurich scientists have developed robots that can perform tasks without using battery or motor. The robot performs the tasks...
Artist's concept of two neutron stars colliding. Credit: NSF/LIGO/Sonoma State University/A. Simonnet

Novel way to model stellar explosions

Neutron stars comprise of the densest type of matter known: a neutron star the span of Los Angeles can measure twice as much as...
Building blocks to develop metamaterials

Building blocks to develop metamaterials

Specialists at Caltech and ETH Zürich in Switzerland have made a technique to efficiently plan metamaterials utilizing standards of quantum mechanics. Their work could make...
Understanding the complex mechanism underlying sleep

Understanding the complex mechanism underlying sleep

Our orgasms daily work lots of time in sleep and that sleep deprivation can have disastrous effects ultimately leading to death, demonstrate the importance of...