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Brain activity

New brain imaging technique uses a transparent window in patient’s skull

Functional ultrasound imaging can record brain activity through a transparent skull implant.

Do newborns experience consciousness?

Detecting consciousness in newborns

Social interactions shape infant language development

Brain responses and language growth in infants.

Understanding cell coordination can offer clues on cognition

To understand cognition — and its dysfunction — neuroscientists must learn its rhythms.

The power of social bonding for shared understanding

Social groups have a hierarchy shaped by member bonds and status.

How do the different brain regions talk to each other?

When we see what others do, our brain sees not what we see, but what we expect.

Visual aids can improve motor performance

Visual-motor illusion (VMI) improves early stages of motor learning.

Using AI images to map visual brain functions

Understanding how vision is organized.

Rats can imagine, study

The study is fascinating and sheds light on the similarities between rat and human brains.

Group craft activities in occupational therapy work!

EEG analysis sheds light on social buffering during craft activities.

Tracking brain waves could reduce post-op complications

Distinctive EEG patterns indicate when a patient’s state of unconsciousness under general anesthesia is...

Octopus sleep is surprisingly similar to humans, study

Like humans, octopuses transition between two sleep stages – a quiet stage and an active stage that resembles REM sleep in mammals.

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