Scientists discovered a rare new blood group system

The findings also solve a 30-year mystery.

Microplastics found in human blood for the first time

Polymers in human blood represent several high production volume plastics.

Surprising study reveals how salt intake affects blood flow in the brain

Activations of neurons within the hypothalamus decreased the blood flow.

New technology for plasma separation using magnets

The new technology will greatly improve the accuracy of point-of-care blood tests.

New imaging technique to identify and treat the blood clots

Engineers find imaging techniques could become treatments for deep vein thrombosis.

How and why some Covid-19 patients can develop life-threatening blood clots?

The study could lead to targeted therapies that prevent this from happening.

World’s first blood test for real-time monitoring of cancer treatment success

The ExoSCOPE test accurately classifies disease status and determines treatment outcome within 24 hours after the start of treatment.

Drug delivery nanocapsules could reduce existing treatment’s side effects

A powerful platform for developing clot-busting nanomedicines.

Scientists identified a specific mechanism of a blood-clotting protein

The discovery could lead to new antithrombotic drugs.

Scientists unveiled the mechanism that gives rise to all blood cell types

Blood stem cell-generating mechanism revealed.

Walking inside individual cells

It could be used to understand fundamental problems in biology.

Scientists identified two antibodies that protect against influenza B virus strains

Findings point the way to developing a broad-spectrum flu drug,

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