How hummingbirds can fly through dense, narrow spaces?

Hummingbirds have evolved their own unique strategies.

Bright light in big cities is linked to smaller eyes in birds

The findings have implications for conservation efforts amid the rapid decline of bird populations.

Endangered parrot species are thriving in urban areas

High-tech tracking reveals red-crowned parrots have four main roosts in Texas.

Vocal learning linked to problem-solving skills

Explore the cognitive skills of vocal learners in North American birds.

Most species are uncommon but not excessively, So

Exploring the worldwide distribution of species abundance.

Arctic terns navigate environmental hazards

Arctic terns may adapt to climate change risks.

Birds track environmental conditions seasonally

North American birds year-round weather preferences across migratory routes.

Scientists discovered static electricity attracts ticks to hosts

Ticks attract hosts through accumulated static electricity in air gaps.

Beak shape predicts bird nest material usage

Researchers have shown that the size of the beak influences the material used for bird nests.

Birds are effective in reducing crop losses

Birds have a benefit on production for some crops by controlling pests.

Human predation threatens millions of species

Humans' impact on the environment: we are a significant threat to biodiversity.

Birds and honey badgers may collaborate to steal bees in africa

Honey badger and ant share rewards by ripping open their nest together.

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