Antibiotic resistance

E. coli shows a heightened ability to evolve antibiotic resistance

Easy navigation in a rugged fitness landscape.

New antibiotic shows promise against drug-resistant superbugs

LPC-233: A new antibiotic against drug-resistant bacteria.

Antimicrobial resistance: A new method to overcome the threat

Conformational changes in multidrug efflux adaptor proteins: Implications for inhibition.

Virus treatment for bladder infections

Rapid test and therapy technique based on phage-infecting microorganisms.

Viruses and bacteria: More than just enemies

Diversity and functions of highly host-linked viromes in the built environment.

Revolutionizing antibiotic resistance testing: A simple, affordable, and rapid method

A novel and highly efficient method for rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing using optical microscopy.

Blocked cell wall formation prevents bacterial cell division

Antibiotics inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus aureus.

Antimicrobial-resistant bacteria found in neonates from low- and middle-income countries

They also found examples of transmission of sepsis-causing resistant bacteria within hospitals...

Machine learning antibiotic prescriptions can reduce antibiotic resistance

Fighting antibiotic resistance.

Scientists developed novel antibacterial drugs

In the era of increased antibiotic resistance, it's necessary to specialize in developing new bactericide agents. Rising resistance alarms U.S.A. following the standard mechanisms...

Children’s drug-resistant bugs could stop common antibiotics working

Rising levels of medication protection in the microorganisms that reason youth contamination could render normal anti-infection agents ineffectual, an investigation cautions. E. coli is in...

Antibiotic protection in children’s E. coli is high against many antibiotics

Antibiotic protection is a standout amongst the most genuine worldwide wellbeing dangers looked in current medication. The risk of bacterial protection has been contrasted...

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