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Schematic of the textile-based capacitor integrating GNP/polyesters as electrodes and h-BN/polyesters as dielectrics. Credit: Felice Torrisi

Washable, wearable battery-like devices could be woven directly into clothes

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have developed a wearable electronic component that can be incorporated directly into fabrics. This wearable device is originally...
Electrochromic nanoparticle-on-mirror constructs (eNPoMs) Credit: NanoPhotonics Cambridge/Hyeon-Ho Jeong, Jialong Peng

Smallest pixels ever created could light up colour-changing buildings

The colour pixels, developed by a team of scientists led by the University of Cambridge, are compatible with roll-to-roll fabrication on flexible plastic films,...
Drug target in neurons. Credit: Santiago Lago

New approach to drug discovery could lead to personalised treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders

Mental health disorders are the leading cause of disability worldwide, accounting for 31% of total years lived with disability. While our understanding of the...
Fiber Optic Cable Blue Credit: chaitawat

Ultra-secure form of virtual money proposed

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have proposed a new type of money that help them in making decisions based on information arriving at...
Researchers obtain first ever underwater ultrasound scans of wild reef manta rays

Researchers obtain first ever underwater ultrasound scans of wild reef manta rays

The research project is taking place in the Republic of Maldives, in South Asia, which has the largest population of reef manta rays in...
Artist's impression of reionisation period Credit: Amanda Smith, Institute of Astronomy

Variations in the ‘fogginess’ of the universe identify a milestone in cosmic history

The results, reported in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, have enabled astronomers to zero in on the time when reionisation ended...
Cigarettes, Ash, Tilt, Smoking

‘Fingerprint database’ could help scientists to identify new cancer culprits

Our DNA, the human genome, comprises of a string of molecules known as nucleotides. These are represented by the letters A, C, G and...
Location of neurons predicting partner’s choices superimposed on a stained section through one animal’s amygdala. Colours indicate different nuclei. Credit: Fabian Grabenhorst

Mindreading neurons simulate decisions of social partners

A previously unknown type of neuron has been identified by scientists at the University of Cambridge, that actively and spontaneously simulates mental decision processes...
Maths blackboard

Maths anxiety?? Your parents and teachers are more responsible for it

Many students claim not to like math. But for some, the issue with math is more than simply disliking algebra or fractions. For some students,...