T cells

Immune system evasion by early-stage cancer cells

SOX17 enables early colorectal adenomas and cancers.

TB vaccine reduces liver cancer tumors in mice

BCG option for repurposing HCC treatment with Mechanistic insights

Harnessing cancer’s power to fight it

Enhanced T cell therapies via natural mutations.

Challenges in diagnosing darker skin conditions

Deep learning assists in diagnosing skin diseases across different skin tones.

New signaling pathway unveils atherosclerosis insights

Identification of a way to suppress regulatory T cells, promoting.

T cells and the quest for everlasting youth

Senolytic CAR T cells prevent age-related metabolic problems long-term.

Allergy medicine may treat lung cancer, suggests research

IL-4 signaling in bone marrow promotes tumor-friendly myelopoiesis.

A new way found to identify a sign of inflammatory bowel disease

Unlocking human chemical structures via reverse metabolomics.

New immunotherapy offers hope for autoimmune skin disorders

Molecular networks diverge to program distinct functions in CD8+ skin-resident memory T cells.

Beef and dairy nutrient boosts immune response to cancer

Trans-vaccenic acid reprograms CD8+ T Cells for anti-tumor immunity.

Promising phase II Results: New SCLC immunotherapy

Advancing care: Tarlatamab in previously treated SCLC.

Exercise boosts the immune system for health

Regulatory T cells protect muscle mitochondria during exercise.

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