People Find Wi-Fi More Important Than Sex, Chocolate or Alcohol


It is hard to imagine life without the internet. Now, we switched on Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi made it easier to work from home, with laptops or other mobile devices being taken to the nearest ‘hotspot’ where the internet could be accessed. Although, the potential for this wireless network is endless. Similarly, a new study suggests that people find Wi-Fi more important than sex, alcohol or chocolate.

Patricia Hume, Chief Commercial Officer of iPass, said, “All we want Wi-Fi first. Because it gives faster speed and better user experience in lower prices.

The craze for wireless internet has gone up so much. Scientists from iPass have conducted a study where they tested the ever-increasing influence of Wi-Fi on our daily lives. (iPass is a leading provider of global mobile connectivity). Scientists involved 1,700 volunteers in the study. 60% of the volunteers were from North America whereas 40% volunteers came from European countries.

Scientists found that almost 75% volunteers found Wi-Fi as their primary need. They said, “it improves their quality of life.” Other 37% volunteers choose sex, 14% choose chocolate and remaining 9% choose alcohol is their first choice.

Similarly, Wi-Fi also becomes as a travel essential that influence hotel, airport, and other travel choices. Especially, mobile professionals choose it as travel essential who don’t want to sting by data bills or exorbitant roaming charges.

Hume said, “Mobile professionals, in particular, expect to remain connected at all times, whether at home, traveling between client meetings, at their hotel or even in-flight.

The study shows that about 72% volunteers use free WiFi whenever available at airports, offices, hotel etc. 21% of them said that they do so all the time.

He said, “The Wi-Fi experience is increasingly affecting mobile professionals travel choices, even at 30,000 feet, with more than a third of respondents having selected their airline based on its Wi-Fi connectivity offerings.

Long gone are the days when WiFi was only a ‘nice-to-have’ at airports and in-flight. Mobile professionals are no longer content to sit and wait for their flights. Instead, they want to remain productive or simply unwind during this valuable time,” he added.



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