wireless network

Modernizing the Internet’s architecture through software-defined networks

Researchers mold model for more nimble networks.

Energy-efficient wireless information and power transfer system for IIoT

This technology is expected to pave the way for more efficient and optimized IoT environments.

A new Traffic cop algorithm helps drones stay on task

he system could help robots inspect buildings or search disaster zones.

Beekee Box generates a wireless network without the internet or electricity

Digital tools are employed on a massive scale in education to enhance teaching methods but often require an internet connection. It is always a...

New antenna evaluation method could help boost 5G network capacity

Selecting optimal antenna designs for future fifth-generation (5G) devices.

People Find Wi-Fi More Important Than Sex, Chocolate or Alcohol

It is hard to imagine life without the internet. Now, we switched on Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi made it easier to work from home, with laptops or...

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