E. coli shows a heightened ability to evolve antibiotic resistance

Easy navigation in a rugged fitness landscape.

Scientists discovered thousands of rare new CRISPR systems

These systems that have a range of functions and could enable gene editing, diagnostics, and more.

Physicists found a strange metal is strangely quiet in quantum noise experiment

Rice physicists find evidence of exotic charge transport in material.

The second highest-energy cosmic ray ever detected

The particles are so high energy, they shouldn’t be affected by galactic and extra-galactic magnetic fields.

High-performance ultrafast lasers that fit on a fingertip

The results show promise for developing photonic chip–based frequency combs.

Rats can imagine, study

The study is fascinating and sheds light on the similarities between rat and human brains.

A superatomic material sets a speed record

The fastest and most efficient semiconductor yet.

UCLA researcher discovers menopause in wild chimpanzees

Menopause supported by demographics and hormonal data in wild chimpanzees.

It’s possible to control spin waves on a chip using superconductors

Controlling waves in magnets with superconductors for the first time.

Electrons drive giant, nonlinear elastic response in Sr2RuO4

Current-carrying electrons can make the lattice much softer than usual in the material Sr2RuO4.

Astronomers detects a blast of cosmic radio waves: Most distant ever

An international team has spotted a remote blast of cosmic radio waves lasting less than a millisecond. This 'fast radio burst' (FRB) is the...

A new quantum ruler to explore exotic matter

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