Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Scientists found mechanism to promote the growth of good bacteria in human gut

Good bacteria colonize the gut, leading to new probiotic therapies.

Direct evidence of active volcanism on Venus

NASA’s Magellan data reveal volcanic activity on Venus.

Honey bees use social signal learning to improve waggle dance

Young honey bees follow dances of older bees to improve performance.

Physicists are learning more about the bizarre behavior of strange metals

The international team finds unusual electrical behavior in experiments.

Most detailed geological model of the Earth’s surface over the past 100 million years

The digital tool can help us understand the past, and predict Earth's future.

Analysis of the Ryugu asteroid sample reveals it is organic-rich

Asteroid Ryugu has a rich complement of organic molecules.

Scientists have successfully grown electrodes in living tissue

Electrodes grown in the brain.

New insights into how insects communicate

Newly identified tsetse fly pheromone may help in curbing disease spread.

Bristol team refines precision of medical needles in surgical simulation

A way of improving the accuracy of medical needle use in surgical simulation.

Scientists have discovered the toughest known material at ultra-cold temperatures

It can be potentially used as structural or load-bearing components for many potential applications.

Novel chemistry behind ultra-high power density batteries

It has potential to reach ultra-high power densities far beyond current lithium-ion technology.

New elastic material is impervious to gases and liquids

An important step because there has long been a trade-off between elasticity and being impervious to gases.

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