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Dinosaurs’ range of locomotion made them incredibly adaptable; study

Dinosaurs’ success helped by specialized stance and gait.

Study deciphers the unexpectedly complex history of crocodiles

Scientists are peeling back the layers to find out how the surviving species came to be.

Our shoulders and elbows have first evolved as a natural braking system for our primate ancestors

Study introduces ‘downclimbing’ from trees as a driver in early-human evolution.

Elephants have diverse diets, just like humans

Individual elephants' diets revealed by DNA metabarcoding.

Hummingbirds are more likely to drink alcohol than you think

Hummingbirds drink alcohol, but only in small amounts.

Science is sexist, a new analysis finds

In new research, scientists took a gander at many years of research from 28 scientific societies in four nations covering five science disciplines and...

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