Proceedings OF The Royal Society B

The movement of water between freshwater bodies can transport eDNA

This highlights the potential of eDNA to provide a comprehensive view of freshwater biodiversity.

How trilobites survived environmental change for millions of years

The developmental control of enrolment in trilobites.

Cuckoo eggs can be detected & rejected from their nest

African cuckoos may have matched fork-tailed drongo.

Large Pterosaurs were more nurturing than previously thought

Pterosaur giantism linked to increased parental care.

An extinct apex predator was likely much weaker than once assumed

Apex predator of the Cambrian likely sought soft over crunchy prey.

Warmer, murkier waters put predators of guppies at risk

How temperature and turbidity change the way guppies avoid predators?

Shark intestines function like Nikola Tesla’s valve

It's time to use modern technology to look at these really amazing spiral intestines of sharks.

Heart can be programmed to survive without oxygen

For the first time, scientists at the University of Manchester and the University of North Texas have shown that an embryonic living heart can...

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