PLoS Pathogens

PLoS Pathogens

The link between West Nile Virus and Agricultural activities

Direction of spread also associated with wetland urbanization and migratory bird patterns.

Transforming the immune system to combat tuberculosis

Mycobacterium exposure alters lung macrophages and TB response.

Researchers illustrate measles virus path in human brain

Mayo Clinic scientists tracked how measles virus mutated in a fatal brain disease. The study warns of potential new cases as measles resurges among...

Prior exposure to virus linked to lower risk of birth defects

Natural immunity shields against congenital cytomegalovirus.

Since 2009, the “swine flu” strain transmitted from humans to swine

Analysis provides further support for managing influenza A infection in people who work with swine.

Study suggests small numbers of mites can infect many honey bees

Parasitic mites’ biting rate may drive transmission of Deformed wing virus in honey bees

Scientists identified a protein that protects against Lyme disease

A finding that may help diagnose and treat this infection.

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