Saturday, June 10, 2023

Plos Biology

Study deciphers the biosynthetic pathway of the antidepressant orcinol glucoside

Scientists also engineered the production of orcinol glucoside in the biotech-friendly yeast.

Brain mechanism to detect speech in a crowdy place

Speech is processed differently depending on whether or not it stands out – implications for hearing aids.

Polar fish prioritize growth over reproduction

Polar fish experience lower mortality than tropical fish, allowing them to delay reproduction until later in life when they are larger and can produce...

The study investigates how the severity of SARS-CoV-2 was affected by the mass vaccination

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the correlation between infection prevalence and severe consequences like hospitalization and mortality altered. Predictions of the frequency and timing of...

Large animals travel more slowly to avoid overheating

Whether an animal is flying, running or swimming, its traveling speed is limited by how effectively it sheds the excess heat generated by its...

Revealing abundance of sea creatures in the North Pacific ‘Garbage Patch’

The North Pacific “Garbage Patch” is home to an abundance of floating sea creatures, as well as the plastic waste it has become famous...

Microbes can be used to extract valuable minerals from mining waste

Researchers developed new mining technique to recover metals & store carbon.

Study identifies a new building block in the navigation system of fish

Defining the basic inventory of spatial and kinematical cells in the goldfish telencephalon.

Brain diseases are better classified using analysis of gene activity

Research led by Yashar Zeighami at McGill University, Canada provides a new way to characterize brain diseases. The study, published in the open access...

Male beetles neglect their genomes when competing for females

Male beetles face a trade-off between competing with other males for mating opportunities and repairing damage to their sperm DNA, according to a study...

Modifying mRNA may provide a new target for Alzheimer’s disease

Complex path promotes immune cell migration and clearance of toxic protein

Bumblebee solves puzzle by learning from experienced bees

Bees that learned from others were more adept and preferred the learned solution over alternatives

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