Nature Ecology & Evolution

Newborns’ brains aren’t as underdeveloped as those of other primates

This new work changes the overall understanding.

Most species are uncommon but not excessively, So

Exploring the worldwide distribution of species abundance.

Species-wide genomics of kākāpō provides tools to accelerate recovery

High-quality kākāpō population sequencing provides a breakthrough in understanding key conservation genetics.

Reptile or egg: the evolution of amniotes

The evolution of the amniotic egg and its implications for viviparity.

Lice originated on the common ancestor of Afrotheria, study

The study explores the coevolution of mammals and their lice.

The map of undiscovered life

Yale scientists have launched an even more ambitious and perhaps important project.

Study reveals the amazing evolution of the human face

The face: it’s personal, yet universal. It’s how we recognize each other and communicate our emotions—and yet there’s more to it than immediately meets...

How soil microbes affects plant nutrition and growth?

The essential generation of plants is restricted in many biological systems by nitrogen or potentially, phosphorus. The use of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers is...

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